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From Universe Size Comparison Wiki
Name thepersonfromearth
Created ~Late 2008 or ~Early 2009
Deleted ~September-December 2013
Subscribers 112
Country Unknown, most likely from Europe or Asia
Age ~10–19 (2009), ~22/23–31/32 (2022)

thepersonfromearth was a YouTube channel, existing between 2008/2009 and 2013, not very much is known about it besides things about their (now deleted) videos that they created. The channel had 112 subscribers a few months before being deleted in late 2013. It is currently unknown why they deleted their channel.

Speculated story[edit | edit source]

It is thought that this person probably got into astronomy like a lot of us did. The name "thepersonfromearth" indicates was already into astronomy by the time they created their channel. It was around 2008-2009 that star size comparisons became big on YouTube, so they made their own. They decided to make a second version inspired by some of the newer ones that went beyond, and made Size of the Universe II, and Size of the Universe III.

The channel was likely inspired by Mr NixxxoN, judging by the fact that Size of the Universe III (mentioned below), has similarities to Mr NixxxoN's 2009 size comparison.

Videos[edit | edit source]

14 videos are known to have existed, only one has been found so far. 8 of them are known, the other 6 are not. All videos were likely made with Celestia 1.6.0 and Celestia 1.5.1 ED, Windows Movie Maker, and likely on either Windows XP or Vista. All of these videos were made in or before 2010. They are as follows:

Size of the Universe[edit | edit source]

The first of a three part size comparison series.

Size of the Universe II[edit | edit source]

The second of the 'Size of the Universe' series.

Size of the Universe III: "The Deeper Field"[edit | edit source]

Known info Data Notes
Status Found
Title Size of the Universe III: "The Deeper Field"
Date June-August 2009 Estimate
Original URL [1]
Length 9:14
Thumbnail Size of the Universe III "The Deeper Field".jpg
Partial description[a]

This video clearly describes the size of celestial objects in the Universe. The measurements are NOT exactly correct, but we do have good reason to believe that the objects are around about the right sizes, aspecialy the closer objects. The narration is not so much text,
Song Terry Oldfield - Illumination
Reuploads exist [2][3]
Other Uses the IVONA text-to-speech voice called "Eric", and the font Arial Black. Has been immortalized in 4K by me [4].
Known objects present in the video
4179 Toutatis
433 Eros
2060 Chiron
50000 Quaoar
North America
Sirius B
Gliese 229 B
Luyten's Star
Alpha Centauri B
Alpha Centauri A
Sirius A
TrES-4 Parent Star
HIP 110703
Pistol Star
Eta Carinae
KY Cygni
Mu Cephei
VV Cephei A
VY Canis Majoris
Homunculus Nebula (Eta Carinae Nebula in the video)
Eight Burst Nebula
Ring Nebula
Boomerang Nebula
Helix Nebula
Jones-Emberson 1 (PK 164+31.1 in the video)
NGC 2023
Crab Nebula
Orion Nebula
Trifid Nebula
Horsehead Nebula
Eagle Nebula
RCW 79
Omega Centauri
Messier 54
Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy
Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy
Small Magellanic Cloud
Large Magellanic Cloud
Black Eye Galaxy
Sombrero Galaxy
Milky Way
Andromeda Galaxy
Pinwheel Galaxy
NGC 7184
NGC 2832
NGC 5820
IC 1101

"Zoom out in 30 seconds"[edit | edit source]

A video that zoomed out from Earth in ~30 seconds.

"Journey through the Universe"[edit | edit source]

(Rough guess of title by Aeos)

Known info Data Notes
Status Lost
Date 2008-2010 Estimate
Other The video had text, talking to the viewer through out. Most likely it started in the Earth and the Moon and then moved on to different planets in the Solar System. They might have visited the Sun. Then they went to other stars, not known which ones. Then they likely went to either the Eagle or Orion Nebula. They went pretty far out in the galaxy and then it finished with them returning back to Earth. Might be the same video as The Universe Home Video (see below).

Power of Ten Zoom out[edit | edit source]

Known info Data Notes
Status Lost
Title Power of Ten Zoom out
Date September 30, 2009
Original URL [5]
Length 5:42
Thumbnail Power of Ten Zoom out.jpg

NOTE: - As you zoom out on this video, you see squares with the radius of the square at the top right corner of the square. But remember, radious is the length from the center of the square to the edge, so if it says 10,000 km on the top right corner of the square, thats the radius, so the length across is acutally 20,000 km (Double Radius) That was an explaination for peaole who didn't know that!
Song Kitaro - Message From The Cosmos
Other Has archives in, however, the video itself is not archived.

The Universe Home Video (HD)[edit | edit source]

Known info Data Notes
Status Lost
Date Before October 2010
Original URL [6]
Length 5:48

Other[edit | edit source]

A video about Nibiru (According to Joseph Pelobello)

Known info Data Notes
Status Lost
Date Unknown
Screenshot Lemuria mumap2.jpg Joseph Pelobello claims that this image was in the video.

The remaining 6 videos

Nothing is known about these videos besides that they exist, and that they were made either in 2010 or earlier.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The full description used to exist somewhere, but no longer does. This partial description is all that can be found now.